Project Category: Brand Identity
Project Design Items: Logo design
Brochure design.
Client: Tebimar health tourism services



Brand identity for Tebimar health tourism services.
Tebimar who is located in Iran is creating senior health care plan and medical tourism services for international patients all over the world. They’re creating a better, more reliable care experience for families, doctors, and tourism agency owners, helping you to meet your expectation.


About Logotype:
We developed Tebimar brand identity as a service that bring patients to doctors in a ease and joyful way (Tebimar’s purpose). Tebimar needs a logo type, because we think people can have a better communication with legible logotype in platforms. The logo we designed is minimal and it represents Tebimar’s difference with other services, “the tourism service”. But unfortunately they did not accept our branding idea and we stopped project here.
About brochure:
We designed 3lat brochure A5 size, both English and Arabic languages. fortunately they accepted this one :) .